About Cheekotel

"Cheekotel" originates in the encrypted symbology and channelings of Kumaras that were discovered in ancient murals found in Himalayan Caves around the Dhauladhar mountains in North India. Cheekotel symbolizes growth through the alignment of universal forces for a common cause catalyzed by rays from the great central sun. The alignment causes the wheels of fortune to turn resulting in rapid progress, harmony and abundance.

Cheekotel was established in 2002 to benefit from the potential impact of the internet on conventional industrial and agricultural age businesses in the knowledge age . Cheekotel commenced operations with significant equity commitments from alumni of the Indian Institutes of Technology and aspires to grow to Rs 100,000 crores AUM by 2025. Cheekotel is headquartered in the National Capital Region of India with representation in Mumbai, Singapore, Chengdu, London and Silicon Valley.


Cheekotel is sector and stage agnostic. Current portfolio companies are spread across Telecom, Media, Technology, Consumer, Energy and Tradition sector. Around 80% of the investments are in early stage businesses.