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Cheekotel is keen to engage with high quality professionals in an Enterpreneur-in-Residence (EIR) format. An ideal EIR candidate should be a premium college alumnus with experience and expertise in the target area. He/she should be willing to build a company all by themselves initially and have the conviction to invest personally in the seed round to the extent of double the expected annual remuneration.

The prospective EIR would need to have a fairly clear roadmap of what he would like to do - and be agreeable to a six to eight month period of engagement with the Cheekotel partners prior to any funding from the fund corpus.

This position targets professionals who have made up their mind to pursue an entrepreneurial career. Those in-between jobs or just window shopping for choices whilst in employment are advised to look elsewhere. An EIR position is neither a salaried job nor is it a temporary parking slot in-between jobs.

We look for premium educated, self respecting and appropriately skilled professionals who think they have what it takes to build and significantly own a billion dollar enterprise in the new economy. We look for professionals with competence, conviction, capital and a comparative advantage in their chosen domain.

Kindly ensure that there is no confidential information in any communication. The fund does not sign non-disclosure agreements. We are not able to guarantee the confidentiality of any information sent to us. We do not typically respond to proposals in which we are not interested. Prospective EIRs who meet our requirements should expect to hear from us within 60 days.

Interested candidates are welcome to send us a brief CV with an overview of the project they have in mind, at