Our Differentiation

Cheekotel is structured in a way that is fundamentally different from the Silicon Valley Venture Capital model. Firstly the Fund relies primarily on perpetual equity funds and not on time barred commitments from Limited Partners. As a result, the Fund can invest with a long term horizon depending on recurring dividends and liquidity through IPOs for its returns. Second, the investment is structured as a passive partnership with the promoter. As a result, the promoter retains his independence of control, vision and action within a pre-specified governance and management framework. Third, because the team members basically get remunerated through increase in their own stock value and not through management fees – there is complete alignment of promoter and investor team interests. Fourth, because the assets and liability of the fund are both long term in nature – there is a willingness to invest in activities such as brand building and B2C distribution infrastructure without being distracted by attempts to exit the company or sell the company to the promoter’s detriment.